Know how: Wovens
My Trained Eye

This @shopmatalan garment uses rows of elastane to pull the cloth in and give a seersucker appearance. Traditional seersucker is woven with a series of differential warp tensions for different groups of warp ends. This creates the puckering effect. It is a slow and expensive process. #mytrainedeye #shopmatalan #seersuckerfabric #seersuckertop #wovens #mytrainedeyewovens
A machine embroidery technique on this @zara shirt uses chemicals to remove the fabric in between embroidered holes after the pattern has been created. ​
This is known as Schiffli or chemical lace. #wovens #mytrainedeyewovens
Here, a mix of machine and hand embroidery can be seen, over a smocked insert. #wovens #mytrainedeyewovens
A multi thread chain stitch was used for the waistband of these @levis. This method is slower yet it allows the waistband to have some stretch, as it elongates when extended. #wovens #mytrainedeyewovens
If you look closely at this machine embroidery by @nextofficial, you’ll see that thick embroidery threads have been used. This is because machine embroidery is charged by the number of stitches. Using thicker threads means less stitches are needed. #mytrainedeyewovens