Knitwear Training
Knitwear Training


We deliver our one-day professional knitwear course, face to face, at your office, or additionally live online. It is specifically designed for the fashion industry: Buyers, Product Developers, Designers and also Garment Technologists, who want to gain a better understanding of the knitwear product development process.

Attendees will gain a knowledge of the knitwear yarns and machinery that are used in bulk production. After that, common knitwear fabric structures are explained. We will then do a fabric identification activity. Next, methods of garment construction and trim application will be discussed, followed by another identification activity.

As a result, attendees will leave with an in-depth professional knowledge of the fashion knitwear industry and a better understanding of how to develop a quality product. Furthermore, they will also be able to solve problems and communicate with suppliers more confidently, enabling them to increase margin, in addition to  still offering value to the customer.


  • Fibre/yarn and methods of production.
  • Methods of dyeing for knitwear.
  • Machinery used in production globally.
  • Knitting machine and make up demonstration (on film).
  • Explanation of different knit structures, with identification activity.
  • Knitwear terminology.
  • Printing on knitwear.
  • Garment make up and trim application, with identification activity.
  • Problems that can arise on knitwear.
Knitwear Training
Knitwear Training