*Average feedback score 4.7 out of 5 

Here is some wovens course feedback.

“Super detailed, I like that it was split over two days. It helped condense the information. I also love the examples and being tested on the knowledge we learned.”
Buying Advocate, George at Asda.

“Clear explanation, good range of topics covered, good visual aids. Good interaction and knowledge check.”
Senior Technical Manager, M&S.

“Very informative and engaging.”
Buying Advocate, George at Asda.

“Very informative, covered a lot of different areas and went into detail. Also, good to do the exercises to test memory, makes you remember more!”
Design, Jaeger.

“Very informative and interactive. Clear descriptions for all fabric processes.”
Assistant Designer, M&S.

“I really enjoyed the course! I didn’t mind it being on Zoom, as it still felt really interactive and I appreciated the frequent little comfort breaks.”
Assistant Buyer, George at Asda.

“A great introduction with clear delivery of information.”
Design, Whistles.

“I feel like I now have a broad knowledge of woven fabrics.”
Sourcing & Sustainability Specialist, George at Asda.

“Really informative and found the slides helpful with relevant information.”
Junior Buyer, George at Asda.

“Clear, detailed and engaging.”
Assistant Buyer, George at Asda.

“Jam packed with info, visual and physical learning.”
Buyers Admin Assistant, M&S.

“Very well organised and presented information. Well-paced and digestible.”
Design Assistant, Jaeger.

“Extremely informative, delivered in an easy and visual manner.”
Assistant Buyer, M&S.

Wovens Training

“Well explained and very easy to understand with lots of images and examples given.”
Technologist, Jaeger.

“A brilliant introduction to wovens. Not too complicated, but has covered all relevant information. Especially loved the identification of fabrics and dyeing techniques.”
Assistant Designer, M&S.

“Diana delivered the course at the right pace online and the information shared was very informative. I have learnt a lot from the course itself.”
Product Development Specialist, George at Asda.

“Different ways of presenting and teaching woven fabrics, for a really engaging course.”
Product Technologist, Jaeger.

“Really friendly course convenor, lots of content well explained.”
Buying Advocate, George at Asda.

“Really informative, really useful to get overview and understand process a lot better.”
Assistant Buyer, Whistles.

“Interesting and very informative, covered lots of areas.”
Buyers Admin Assistant, Whistles.

“Was very interesting, learnt about fibres and print techniques, useful for my job.”
Junior Buyer, Whistles.

*From inception to January 2023.